Sunday, February 22, 2015

NDNorth: Our Sweet Chad

Meet Chad! Little Chad has been in our room since January, and we've so enjoyed getting to know him these last six weeks. He turned one in September, and while he cannot yet do many of the things that most one year-olds can do, he is is getting better and better at things like holding his head up and singing squeaky songs!

We are not quite sure how well Chad can see, he certainly has limitations, but he can hear and responds to singing and talking. He can also do a "Bye-bye hand" as his nanny calls it, and waves his hands so sweetly. 

While Chad sings his squeaky songs, he also makes silly faces. Isn't he cute?

Are you ticklish, Chad? (He is!)

Chad is still working on holding his head up, and needs lots of help right now. We hope that he'll be able to gain lots of neck and trunk strength in the next few months. Until then, he's got some brothers upon whom he can lean on. Hope Timothy doesn't mind...