Sunday, July 24, 2016

NDNorth: Welcoming Michael

We'd like to introduce you to a very special addition to New Day North! 

Michael joined our In-Orphanage Care Center this week, and is settling in to getting to know his new nannies and little friends.

Can we just say that we can't get over those dimples?! 

His first day was a big one. Stephanie and Emerson showed him the ropes and welcomed him to their little kitchen. Michael even got to wear a tie! 

It also happened to be Emerson's 5th birthday, so he got to jump right into being a part of the little family around the table singing Happy Birthday! 

Michael is a sweet spirited little gentleman who asks very little for himself but is so happy to be included in any activity. He enjoys pushing the keys on a little piano, cuddling, and seeing people he knows. Michael has been through so much in his little life and still finds opportunities to bless people with his gorgeous smile. We can't wait to see him well nourished in every way and are so thankful that we get to play a part in his transformation and watch him become all that he is meant to be. 

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