Friday, July 22, 2016

A Swimming Adventure

We had one eventful day planned for the kiddos that attend preschool. The weather has been very sunny and hot lately and our kids love to get into the water on those extra hot days. A field trip to a water park was the perfect solution.

Once the kids arrived and changed into their swimsuits, the unending excitement really began to kick in.

Adia’s face lit up as she saw the animal themed floats. She loved having one of the nannies help her float across the pool in her favorite new toy.

Don’t you just love Nathan’s bumblebee swimsuit? He really liked the colors of it! 

Austyn’s love for the water was evident as he immediately stepped into the pool. He enjoyed floating around in the big green frog float!

Hudson was entertained with the airplane float; he couldn’t stop smiling. He showed off his driving skills by twisting and turning the wheel near the corners in the pool.

Rosie and Natalie were so excited about dipping their toes in the water. They floated around together in the pool.

Josiah’s giggles and his energetic excitement spread as he splashed the water and threw it into the air.

Charlotte loved to glide across the pool in her float. She watched and laughed in amusement at her friend’s excitement.

Owen was overjoyed with all the fun going on. He liked practicing swimming across the pool. and sliding down the waterslides. He loved sliding down the waterslides but liked it even more when it was with his friends.

Speaking of friends…Adia, Jack, and Owen were ready to take on the big slide one by one! The bigger slide was next on the agenda. They anxiously waited for each of their turns going down the slide by themselves. 

On your mark, get set...the countdown began…1…2…3! When it was Jack’s turn, he was overwhelmed with excitement.

We gathered all the kids together to take a group photo and it turned into a splashing contest that brought lots of genuine laughter. The children, nannies, and volunteers had so much fun!

The kids were astonished as the fountains of water began to spray out from the waterslides.

Tons of smiles and laughter filled the room as they were mesmerized by the overload of water falling from the sky.

The nannies and volunteers had just as much fun as the kids!

There was no doubt that there were lots of smiles shared from each one of our kiddos today. They had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again! 

If all these pictures weren't enough for you, we have a video too!

This post was written by one of our interns, Lauren, and the video was made by one of our interns, Lianne

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