Monday, July 25, 2016

Our Amazing Staff: Alice

New Day wouldn't be the same without the compassionate individuals that seek to help and love the children. We want to recognize one nanny in particular, Alice, for her extraordinary love and commitment that has been displayed at New Day Foster Home.

Before Alice became a staff member at New Day, she had heard by word of mouth about New Day Creations and the foster home. What captured her attention was thinking of the children that needed someone to shower them with love. With her willingness to do anything that was needed to help benefit the children, Alice became a nanny at New Day Foster Home in October, 2000. She has been a remarkable addition to the facility ever since. 

People at New Day know Alice as being humorous, affectionate, full of energy, and a hard-worker while always having a smile on her face. Alice portrays a high level of passion for the children at New Day. Her integrity and uplifting spirit creates an atmosphere of harmony. She has helped build a foundation believing that there is hope and healing for the kids.

Alice enjoys her job and finds great value in what she does for the children. Alice says, “I feel that what I do on a daily basis is meaningful. It has filled my heart with joy. I am a happier person since I became a nanny at New Day. I am truly blessed.”

Alice has made numerous memories with the children but there are two memorable highlights that she expresses with excitement and thankfulness. “I remember when Austyn first arrived here. He would not eat or drink his formula. Now, he has improved so much and is enjoying his food. It makes me so happy watching him grow!”

Alice continues to express her most fond moments, “My favorite thing to do with the children is to teach and sing them songs! When I sing songs, some kids will sing along, repeat some words I say, or even dance with me. In those moments, I am really proud of them. “

Alice delights in the work that she does daily. When children get matched with their forever families, it is exciting for her to be able to experience that moment with them. Of course, watching a child you love leave is never easy, but her undeniable happiness is knowing that they will be forever loved in their family. To see that happen is worth any nannies' hard work and dreams for the children. 

This post was written by one of our summer interns, Lauren

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