Saturday, February 28, 2015

NDSouth: All About Hayden

[ Hayden's file is now at WACAP adoption agency,  WACAP is offering a $4000 grant towards the cost of his adoption.   For further information, please contact Doug Bush at ]

When you meet Hayden, you'll maybe notice his smile first.  The way it lights up his whole face. Then the way he tilts his head to one side and and swings his arms as he daydreams.  

He is a boy of few words, but he shows he understands what his Ayis are saying to him.  He loves his Ayis and is learning to trust and listen to them.

Hayden loves the outdoors and is often comforted by being outdoors, when he is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.  He runs, smiles and plays with such a gentle spirit, learning how to interact with other children.

Hayden needs the love of a family.  He has been at New Day South since 2013 and in that time he has watched many of his foster brothers and sister go home to their forever families.

As Hayden has grown before our eyes, we've seen him transform from a scared, withdrawn little boy, to a joyful, happy, learning to trust little boy.

Hayden needs a patient family who has space for him to roam and explore.  A family that will encourage him and celebrate each milestone in his life.

Hayden needs a Daddy who will run and chase him.  And toss him in the air.  And a Mommy who will turn on the music and dance with him while he twirls around.

Hayden needs a family that can remind him how special and loved he is, and is not upset when his limited communication may cause him to express his frustration.

A family who can be a part of his world and where he can be fully accepted and enjoyed for the unique way that he is created.

Hayden is doing so well, and his patient Ayis are currently able to manage his needs. He gets regular check-ups and his medical needs are being addressed... but this situation is not permanent. While we are committed to caring for Hayden, he needs a family who will step up and adopt him, promising to be his family forever. 

We believe Hayden has a family out there, who hasn't discovered him yet, but is just right for him.  A Daddy and a Mommy that is missing a special little boy to complete their family.

Could you be that family?  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Call Me 'Grandma'!

It's hard to look at pictures of Ari and not be impacted by them.  

His head is significantly enlarged and swollen due to his severe neurological disorder.  He had neurological surgery, but developed an infection and the shunt (which was meant to drain the fluid and reduce the swelling) had to be removed.  He's been waiting and waiting to be clear of infection so that he can have another surgery.

Ari is so loved.  The amazing nannies in the CCU take excellent care of him, and he soaks up their attention and affection.

Ari isn't able to move around like other kids his age (he'll turn two this summer), but he's a remarkably cheerful little guy.  He loves to eat, and he loves to talk.

Do you see a hint of mischief in his sweet eyes?

Our kids call their primary carers 'mama', and they'll usually call other adults 'ayi' (auntie) or 'shu-shu' (uncle).  Ari, however, has decided to call everyone 'nai-nai', which means...grandma!  Our director, Karen, recently paid him a visit and was most offended by his enthusiastic greeting of 'nai-nai, nai-nai!'.  The nannies were all laughing because apparently he calls everyone that.  Oh Ari, you funny boy!
Thursday, February 26, 2015

NDSouth: Introducing Nina!

Dear Nina (Bing Bing)

Today is your special day! Happy birthday, sweet girl! We’re writing to you so you’ll know this part of your “story.” Our school is pretty involved with New Day Foster home. We run an annual spring Bake Sale (last year we raised $4551.05) and our teacher has actually been to New Day Beijing and New Day South. We think you’re at a great place, baby Nina. In early 2015, our class found out that we’d have a chance to give you your English name. Your picture made us giggle; you are SO cute! Eventually, we decided to make it a school-wide initiative. Our character trait of the month for January was perseverance. It seemed only fitting to ask classes to suggest names meaning courage. You’re a strong little one!

Each day, we excitedly added new names to our tally chart. In our hearts, we felt you were a “Nina” or a “Riley”, but we had to wait and see how things turned out. Next, we devised a list of the top 8 names, and put them on a cool online survey. The contest closed one Friday afternoon at the school bell. It was nail-biting, as we watched different names surge ahead. Finally, the results came through: Nina (“strong or mighty”). We’re pretty sure the whole school could hear us screaming. An assembly was held and we made the official announcement. This made us so proud, Nina. Secretly, we want our teacher to adopt you, but she just got married and says there are “rules” to follow. Rules? This leads us to believe that adoption is kind of like school :)

We think of you often, hope you are healthy, and can’t wait until you find your forever family.

Lots of love,
Ms. S & Grade 6C- Canada

We are so thankful for caring and loving Sponsors like Ms. S and her Grade 6 Class from Canada!
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Perfectly Framed

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Cora Jo

Cora Jo has been at New Day since she was three years old, and she is now 6, turning 7 this August.  In her very first appearance on this blog she looked kind of serious, and it was a while until we saw her amazing smile.  

What a privilege and joy it has been to watch Cora Jo grow up!

She has transformed from quiet little one into such a joyful young lady.  She is a wonderful big sister to the other kids, and a delight to all who meet her.

We love you, Cora Jo!
Monday, February 23, 2015

Nelson and Austyn's Game

We told you about what great buddies Austyn, Nelson and Robert are, and we thought that you might like another little glimpse into their world.

Austyn and Nelson had finished their lunch and Austyn had his sippy cup.

He does drink from it, but what he has discovered is that if he flings it across the room then Nelson will bring it back for him.

So kind of you, Nelson - hand it back to Austyn...

Uh-oh, it looks like he's thinking about flinging it again!

But Nelson just keeps on fetching it for him...

I guess a video captures it better, although neat-freaks should probably look away or be overcome with an urge to mop the floor!  Don't worry, it's just water...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

NDNorth: Our Sweet Chad

Meet Chad! Little Chad has been in our room since January, and we've so enjoyed getting to know him these last six weeks. He turned one in September, and while he cannot yet do many of the things that most one year-olds can do, he is is getting better and better at things like holding his head up and singing squeaky songs!

We are not quite sure how well Chad can see, he certainly has limitations, but he can hear and responds to singing and talking. He can also do a "Bye-bye hand" as his nanny calls it, and waves his hands so sweetly. 

While Chad sings his squeaky songs, he also makes silly faces. Isn't he cute?

Are you ticklish, Chad? (He is!)

Chad is still working on holding his head up, and needs lots of help right now. We hope that he'll be able to gain lots of neck and trunk strength in the next few months. Until then, he's got some brothers upon whom he can lean on. Hope Timothy doesn't mind...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NDSouth: 'Standing' up to peer pressure

It all started with One CutiePatootie ~

Then Miss Bing Bing decided she just had to join in the 'Standing' fun!

Then along came Evelyn.....

Way to go girls!
Cutest standing ovation e.v.e.r.!

Oh but we're not done yet!

Here comes the boys....
Join in the 'Standing' fun Thad!

And now we're back to 'Girls Only' ~

Way to go New Day South Babies!
Friday, February 20, 2015

Zoe Steals the Show

As promised, here is Zoe’s performance that opened our Chinese New Year show…

She’s dancing with her foster sister, her foster mama’s biological daughter, and we think that you’ll agree that Zoe has talent.  She’s a natural performer!

After the dance, Zoe also showed off her English-speaking skills, naming parts of the body and further impressing the audience.

Zoe – what a star!
Thursday, February 19, 2015

NDSouth: Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year from Zhongshan!

The Babies all got dressed in their New Year's Best!

Evelyn looks so elegant.


Our Beautiful Chloe.

Lovely manners Anna & Noelle, waiting so patiently for afternoon snack.

Our Big kids in their Chinese finest!

Hayden looking regal in blue.

Sweet Naomi & Margaret having some New Year's fun!

Naomi wants to wish you all a very Blessed New Year from our New Day South Family to yours ~

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Chinese New Year