Saturday, February 28, 2015

NDSouth: All About Hayden

[ Hayden's file is now at WACAP adoption agency,  WACAP is offering a $4000 grant towards the cost of his adoption.   For further information, please contact Doug Bush at ]

When you meet Hayden, you'll maybe notice his smile first.  The way it lights up his whole face. Then the way he tilts his head to one side and and swings his arms as he daydreams.  

He is a boy of few words, but he shows he understands what his Ayis are saying to him.  He loves his Ayis and is learning to trust and listen to them.

Hayden loves the outdoors and is often comforted by being outdoors, when he is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.  He runs, smiles and plays with such a gentle spirit, learning how to interact with other children.

Hayden needs the love of a family.  He has been at New Day South since 2013 and in that time he has watched many of his foster brothers and sister go home to their forever families.

As Hayden has grown before our eyes, we've seen him transform from a scared, withdrawn little boy, to a joyful, happy, learning to trust little boy.

Hayden needs a patient family who has space for him to roam and explore.  A family that will encourage him and celebrate each milestone in his life.

Hayden needs a Daddy who will run and chase him.  And toss him in the air.  And a Mommy who will turn on the music and dance with him while he twirls around.

Hayden needs a family that can remind him how special and loved he is, and is not upset when his limited communication may cause him to express his frustration.

A family who can be a part of his world and where he can be fully accepted and enjoyed for the unique way that he is created.

Hayden is doing so well, and his patient Ayis are currently able to manage his needs. He gets regular check-ups and his medical needs are being addressed... but this situation is not permanent. While we are committed to caring for Hayden, he needs a family who will step up and adopt him, promising to be his family forever. 

We believe Hayden has a family out there, who hasn't discovered him yet, but is just right for him.  A Daddy and a Mommy that is missing a special little boy to complete their family.

Could you be that family?  

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