Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Call Me 'Grandma'!

It's hard to look at pictures of Ari and not be impacted by them.  

His head is significantly enlarged and swollen due to his severe neurological disorder.  He had neurological surgery, but developed an infection and the shunt (which was meant to drain the fluid and reduce the swelling) had to be removed.  He's been waiting and waiting to be clear of infection so that he can have another surgery.

Ari is so loved.  The amazing nannies in the CCU take excellent care of him, and he soaks up their attention and affection.

Ari isn't able to move around like other kids his age (he'll turn two this summer), but he's a remarkably cheerful little guy.  He loves to eat, and he loves to talk.

Do you see a hint of mischief in his sweet eyes?

Our kids call their primary carers 'mama', and they'll usually call other adults 'ayi' (auntie) or 'shu-shu' (uncle).  Ari, however, has decided to call everyone 'nai-nai', which means...grandma!  Our director, Karen, recently paid him a visit and was most offended by his enthusiastic greeting of 'nai-nai, nai-nai!'.  The nannies were all laughing because apparently he calls everyone that.  Oh Ari, you funny boy!


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  2. Ari is so cute! Hope the infection will clear soon.
    I am trying to help him getting his 3rd neurosurgery and I created a campaign on Gofundme.
    Thanks to the fantastic support of friends, family, colleagues and also internet strangers I raised £500 so far, but we still need £2000. For anyone who would like to donate or share, here is the link to the campaign: