Friday, July 10, 2015

Making Fun Happen

When the weather is warm, we love to make the most of our beautiful outdoor space, and most of the children and nannies will be found in the backyard much of the time, unless they’re in preschool or therapy sessions.  As well as the spacious yard, we also have lots of willing volunteers and some fun play equipment, but it does take some planning and organization to put all this together and create some serious fun!

Dreaming up and implementing awesome outdoor activities is exactly what two of our long-term volunteers were tasked with doing this Summer.  As you can see from the pictures we’ve been posting on Facebook, Instagram and in our scrapbooks, they’ve done an amazing job.

They had so many fun and creative ideas!  There were races (see picture above), involving all the children, even those that can't walk.  There was even a yummy 'eating cookies off a string' game!

The weather has been pretty warm, so there have been plenty of water-play activities, involving water-pistols...


...and plenty of buckets and tubs of water for the kids to play with.

They made good use of our big parachute...

...and the kids thought that it was awesome!

Guy and EJ truly are experts in creating opportunities for everyone to get involved and have fun.

We've so appreciated all they've done, not just with these outdoor activities, but over the past 16 months that they've been volunteering here.  They are leaving us soon and will be sorely missed!

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