Sunday, July 12, 2015

NDNorth: A Baby No More

Baby pictures hold such precious memories. The deep sleep of a newborn baby... their tiny little hands and feet... the new-baby smell, and miraculous miniatureness of a little person... nothing really gets much more special than this!

Do you recognize this little baby? It's Alfred! Our little Freddy...

He's grown up so much since we first met him nearly a year and-a-half ago. Just look at him now!

When we first met Freddy, we weren't sure what his greatest need would be. As it's turned out, it looks like he needs a little of everything, just like any child. He needs some medical care, some therapy, some playtime and some rest time. He needs people to love him, to teach him and to care for him. And one of the things that he needs the most of all is encouragement. 

Right now Freddy is hanging out with our friends at New Day Beijing. He's seeing the doctors in the big city, and playing with the other kids in the foster home. He's learning how to play the piano, and it sounds like he's getting pretty good. He looks pleased with his music, at least!

Freddy's not a baby anymore... he's a little boy with a big personality. 

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  1. I love his sweet baby pictures, what a treasure those are! He is such a joy, I love seeing his smile in the photos!