Thursday, July 9, 2015

NDSouth: Evelyn's 1st Parachute

We love to bring out our parachute!
Hayden tries to hide in it.

 Naomi tries to show Evelyn that this will be a fun game...

Evelyn is not so sure...

...but look how much Hayden enjoys it!

Nina gives it her approval from the steps.

Evelyn decides to watch Naomi & Hayden from a safe distance... all the kids are starting to gather to explore this new toy.
(new to some)

Evelyn decides it's not too scary after all!

We understand, sometimes new, big, bright toys take a while to get used too...

Naomi finds a game that Evelyn enjoys...
The 'Where's Evelyn' game?

Hayden, where are all the children?

...Oh no, looks like we lost Hayden too!

Parachute fun is always the best!

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