Sunday, May 31, 2015

NDNorth: Coming Alive

Chad is the newest addition to our project. He arrived into our care in January and is such a fun little guy to have in the room. When Chad first arrived, and started opening up, he was loud. There was a song in his heart and it was a loud one, a squeaky one, and a hilarious one. Now that Chad feels more comfortable in his environment, he's starting to show signs of attachment with his nannies, and doesn't need to stimulate himself all of the time. 

Chad was being silly on the floor, but not really interacting with anyone in particular. He seemed to be in his own little world, until...

... until his nanny picked him up to give him a little massage and help him practice sitting and holding his head up.

He came alive. He looked like a different child. It was then crystal clear that, even though Chad's development has been slow, he is making emotional progress. He may not be learning many new things, but he has learned one thing... and that is that his nanny loves him, and that he's safe in her lap.

There are lots of kinds of progress... I think that this one is our favorite. 

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