Monday, June 22, 2015

Adam moves to backyard school

**Sarah, one of our summer interns, has written this blog post all about Adam's first week in the backyard school! Sarah is the backyard school English teacher this summer.**

Last week Adam advanced from preschool to the backyard school. He continues to shine and has absolutely blown me away with how independent he is. As his English teacher, I am given the opportunity to work with him on his colors, numbers, shapes, letters, fine motor skills, conversations, etc. He has already excelled since he has been in the backyard school.  He is quickly learning the English terms for several colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and common household items (i.e. plate, spoon, shoes…).  It is amazing to see how how much he has learned already.  

The first day that I got to work with Adam was beyond exciting! The afternoon was filled with outdoor water activities, and he demanded to participate in all of them. The games involved water balloon tosses, cups of water being raced from one bucket to another, and a water balloon fight finale. I pushed Adam around in his favorite tricycle as he threw water at everyone that we passed, following the action with the most infectious and joyous laughter.

Later that week all of the older children in the foster home got to go on a field trip to a massive, indoor playground (read all about our field trip here). This playground had slides as high as the ceiling, ball pits, obstacle courts, toys, miniature houses, and much more!  Adam had such a fun time there, and continued to prove just how adaptable he truly is. He would climb the stairs over and over, all by himself, so that he could go down the slides and insisted that I joined him every single time.

Adam is such a joy to have in the backyard school, and every morning he greets me with a smile. He is helpful, quick to learn, and tremendously playful! I cannot wait to see how much more he continues to grow while in the backyard school. 

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