Monday, June 15, 2015

Fieldtrip to the city

Last week we were invited by our friends at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing to spend a fun day at their amazing indoor playground. They treated us to hours of sliding, “driving”, and playing followed by a delicious meal and an exciting craft time. The kids had so much fun braving the steep slides, running across rope bridges, and jumping into a ball pit for a full day of adventures before we said our goodbyes to the friendly staff and settled into a sleepy bus ride home.

Rob, Josiah, and Luke wait excitedly as we arrive at the hotel. 

We take a quick group picture with our new friends before racing down the slides.

Adam shows Sarah and Kevin how to kick-off at the top. (See video at the bottom too!)

 Enya and GanLu race down together!

Levi and Matt make a great team in a race against Natalie.

Gideon reaches the bottom in a flash! (see video at the bottom too!)

Next we go to one of the play areas with smaller slides and soft building blocks. Hudson helps Ciara build their own playground with the blocks.

Luke, Hannah, and Gideon discuss their new driving skills in a pile-up.

After all that playing we got very hungry so we all sit down together to a delicious meal! We had rice and spaghetti and sandwiches. 

 Ben especially enjoys his rice!

After lunch we got to draw some pictures and do some sand-art. Hannah creates beautiful artwork!

Josiah and Luke pause to take a selfie with the hotel manager as we say goodbye and give a small thank you gift (New Day calendars!)

 Levi smiles at our Kerry Hotel friends as we leave.

We had a great day filled with lots of fun and laughter! Fieldtrips are fun!

(Adam going down the slide)

(Gideon going down the slide)

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