Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day

This coming Sunday is Father's Day, a special day for celebrating fatherhood and the influence that fathers have on their children.

Adam, our gardener, with Annabel and Charlotte. 
Unfortunately, through circumstances and situations beyond their own control, all of the children in our care are orphans; they are fatherless. Each child was abandoned, likely because of  their special needs. Our hearts break for all they have experienced, and we rejoice when we hear the news that one of our kids has been matched with their forever mom and dad, and will be adopted.

Hudson, with summer intern Rob, who was also here all last summer. 
While our children don't have fathers of their own, there are still important men in their lives. We have some great men working for New Day such as WangShu the foster family manager, Adam the gardener, and James the carpenter who is in charge of  maintenance around the foster home. We also have a few male long term volunteers, summer interns and short term volunteers who also play a special role in each child's life... whether it be rough play with the boys, or snuggles with the babies, the attention and love these men give is so important! As you can see, Our kids just adore these special guys.

Josiah, with long-term volunteer Guy. 
Today we gathered some of the male figures in our children's lives and got a group photo. Our hope and dream is for more men to get involved in orphan care and in caring for the fatherless. Who can you share this message with, which men can you inspire to care for orphans.

Some of the amazing men who are such great role models for our children. 
We'd like to wish all of the dads reading this post a very Happy Father's Day!

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