Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Robert's progress

**Ciara, one of our summer interns, has written this blog post about Robert in therapy. Ciara has been helping the therapy team this month.**

Hey everyone! My name is Robert and I am 2 years old. I live with a foster family in the local village but I come to New Day every weekday morning for Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy. I love getting to spend time with my therapists and I always try really hard to impress them!

Since I mastered how to crawl last year, I have been working hard on perfecting my walking. It can be hard at times as I like to walk super fast and end up stumbling into the arms of my therapist. Though, I am trying to walk slow and steady, I do think it’s more fun to run though!

I am almost able to stand up without any assistance and this makes my therapist very happy!

I love my OT sessions because I get to play with putty, knock blocks over and play on the activity board!

My ST sessions are the most fun! My therapist Lillian always makes them enjoyable, I am working on mimicking sounds and I love it when Lillian sings ‘Old Mac Donald’ to me so I can make the animal noises!

Doing 3 therapy sessions in a row can be tiring work so I get very excited to see my foster mom when she comes back to bring me home for lunch, my favorite! I think that’s her knocking on the door now, I better go! Bye bye! 

**Robert is waiting for a family to adopt him. His file is with WACAP, they are offering a $2000 grant towards his adoption. 

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