Monday, May 11, 2015

'Look What I Made For You, Mama'

Here at New Day Foster Home, the children call their primary carers 'Mama'.  These amazing ladies pour so much love into the children's lives, and do a wonderful job of teaching them what it means to be part of a family.

In preschool last week the children practiced the sign for 'mama', and made paper flowers to give to their nannies and foster mamas.  The pictures of them giving their gifts afterwards are just so precious...

Lydia and Adam's nanny happened to be helping out in the preschool on that day, so she was right there to receive her gift from Lydia, and enjoy a little cuddle.

Adam was proud of the flower that he had made for her.

Wouldn't you love to know what she said?  It sure made Adam smile.

Surgery and medical treatment is important, but this is a mama's love in action, and it's making so much difference in Adam's life.

Hudson has lived with his foster family for more than two years now, and ADORES his foster mama.  This little guy is so loved.

There were sweet words, and a sweet kiss to go along with them.  What a cutie!

Enya is Hudson's foster sister, so this lucky mama has quite the bouquet of flowers.

Luke was really excited to give his gift to his foster mama!

Mamas, we hope that you were well-celebrated yesterday too.  A belated 'Happy Mother's Day' from New Day Foster Home!

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