Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Busy Robert

Hello.  My name is Robert, and, as my shirt correctly states, I am awesome.  I'm also pretty busy these days, but I can take some time out  to tell you about it.

One of the big projects I'm working on in my Physical Therapy sessions, and at home too, is learning to walk.  Balance is kind-of difficult for me, but I'm really working on it.  Zoey gets me to do lots of climbing, and then I get to walk with my friend EJ.  Her shirt doesn't say 'AWESOME' on it, but it should.

Guess what?  I can walk FIVE steps on my own already.  Impressive, huh?

I have Occupational Therapy sessions too.  Yvonne gets me doing fun activities like putting the puzzle cubes back into the box.

AND I have Speech Therapy!  I like Speech Therapy, Lillian is so awesome.  I think she's trying to work on my communication skills, but it's far too enjoyable to be 'work'.

Right, I need to go now, my foster mama will be here soon to collect me.  Hooray for the New Day therapy team, and for my wonderful progress!

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