Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer in the Backyard

With summer weather arriving, the nannies and children of NDFH Beijing are soaking up the warmth on their skin and the gentle breeze that blows through the backyard.

Austyn loves the swing and is always so excited when someone wants to give him a little extra push.

Another fan of swinging, Nathan looks forward to the extra time outside.

"Beijing Snow" (cotton from the cottonwood trees) covered the trampoline in early June. The kids were so excited to see it cleaned off and ready to welcome them for playtime.

Rabbits are a new addition to the backyard. The rolling cages allow the rabbits more room to roam the yard, much to Owen's delight.

Water and sand are a perfect combination for James to be creative...and a bit messy!

In the cold weather months, lingering the backyard doesn't take place. As the temperature rise, nannies are lingering under the cool of the shade while the kids are soaking up the extra time outside. Scooter, tricycles, and the trampoline are back in action and an sweet peace settles over the yard each day. 

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