Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NDNorth: The New Room

Shhh... Luke is sleeping. It's been a busy few days!

After five busy months caring for the six children currently in our care, we have grown. Most of the children we are adding to our project have been abandoned within the last few months. They all have potential, and we want to give them each a chance to reach it. 

Our new room is the temporary solution. What they each need is a family, and we grieve with them for their loss... but we also hope for them. We hope that beauty will rise from the ashes.

You can do it, little Ming. You can play - shake that rattle. Grow. Learn. Thrive.

Yes, little Evangeline- interact with us! Smile, babble... sing. 

Futures are changing. Stories are no longer sad, but filled with hope. Where once was silence, there will be laughter.

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