Sunday, January 22, 2017

NDNorth: From the Bottom of our Hearts

Christmas in January... why not? The children and nannies at our In-Orphanage Care Center celebrated a combined Christmas and Chinese New Year party this week. There was anticipation... 

...and snacks for young and old, complete with pumpkin bread and eggnog. 

As everyone gathered round, Christmas songs were sung in cheery Christmas spirit.

The children then helped pass out gifts to their nannies. Merry Christmas, Ida! 

Merry Christmas, Leah!

Rina helped to give Diane her gift.

Why, thank you, Rina!

All of the children received new outfits, and what fun to open them up and try them on! 

Just for you, Ding! 

You're so pretty in yellow and purple, Ruby. 

Rina strikes a pose in her snazzy new jeans

What a little lady, Evangeline! And did you get two dresses?

Chad was adorable with his dinosaur and matching outfit! 

Could Caleb be any more dashing than in a sweater and overalls? We think not. 

All together now! 

All of the children also received a group gift, from generous local sponsors. 

The new toys were so intriguing, even Grace had to try out the tunnel!

But there was more! We not only wanted to wish each other Merry Christmas, but also a Happy New Year. There were reflections from 2016, remembering events that had happened and dynamics that had changed. 2016 saw children adopted, new arrivals, as well as growth and health in the children. 

Traditional Chinese New Year "red envelopes" were given in honor of the upcoming Year of the Rooster!

Belated as it may be, we truly want to wish you and your families all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from the bottom of our hearts! May this year be full of newness, accomplishments, joy, and growth. 新年快乐!

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