Saturday, June 17, 2017

NDNorth: Children's Day!

It’s Childrens’ Day in China (June 1st), and the small folk of the local orphanage are in for a treat. They are dressed in their best and are patiently awaiting the show to begin.
The children have front row seats for the performance. They are trying very hard to be patient as they wait for it to begin. The nannies have clothed them in their brightest outfits, and adorned their faces with stickers to add to the celebratory atmosphere.
Michael is so happy to be out with his friends. The smile on his face is pure delight!
Stephanie looks very happy to be one of the children being celebrated on this holiday. But her smile grows even bigger…
…as she is handed a pure, sugary delight.
Rina has her own serving of cotton candy. However, she doesn’t seem too certain about trying out this new treat.
Emerson has NO reservations when it comes to this delicious confection. He grabs the stick and wholeheartedly finishes the sweet concoction.
Caleb is giving enthusiastic applause for the performance. Clearly, he enjoyed it.
Evangeline is grateful that she can sit on her nanny’s lap and snuggle. For her, this is the very best part of Children’s Day.
this post was written by our volunteer, Ruth

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