Saturday, September 6, 2014

NDSouth: Learning with Playdough

A couple weeks ago we told you about one of the children's favorite preschool activities which is to play with blocks. However, another activity that everyone enjoys is...can you guess it?

That's right, playdough!

Ada decided to cook with hers, but don't worry, no one really ate any.

Of course, cutting shapes out of the playdough is always fun too. Hayden demonstrated for Chris how to spread the playdough out first...

...and before long Chris was cutting his own shapes out.

Having fun, Chris?

Amy, however, didn't need any demonstrations. She already knew all about it.

Isn't that right, Amy?

In preschool, we use playdough to model what we've been learning about too. Do you know what we've been studying in preschool this week, Ada?

Amy's got it...

...and Chris does too.

That's right, the number 2!

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