Sunday, September 7, 2014

NDNorth: Timothy's Trip to Beijing

It's time for our little Timothy to get his heart defect checked in the big heart hospital in Beijing. We transferred him down to Beijing the other week and he's scheduled for a check-up later this week.

Our head nanny, Anna, took Timothy down to help introduce him to New Day Beijing's nannies, and them to him. She and our other New Day North nannies are going to miss him a lot while he waits in Beijing for testing and surgery.

Timothy is going to miss his nannies too...

It's so exciting for us at New Day North to see the bond that has formed between our nannies and children. When we first opened up our Nanny Project, the children in our care were in great need of love - the orphanage did what they could, but with so many children and new ones arriving every week, it was impossible for each child to have their emotional needs met. 

Watching the children open up and attach with their caregivers is beautiful. Seeing the love flow between Timothy and Anna as she told him to "be good" before she left, is simply breathtaking.

Gan Lu in Beijing is keeping us updated with pictures of how Timothy is doing. 

Looks like he's pretty popular among the children in the Beijing foster home... and maybe a bit overwhelmed?

We are excited that Timothy has this opportunity to have the doctors in the well-trusted hospitals in Beijing examine him. 

And a huge thank you to everyone who chipped into Timothy's surgery fund - in just a week it was fully funded! 

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