Friday, September 5, 2014

A Year With Gabriel

Gabriel has just celebrated his first birthday, and today marks a year since he arrived here at New Day Foster Home.  He was abandoned, found and taken to the local orphanage when he was just two days old.

It's not easy caring for babies with ENT defects like Gabriel's, and the orphanage knew that they would struggle to give him the time that he would need to feed.  It 'just so happened' that staff from New Day were visiting Gabriel's orphanage when he had newly arrived there, and the orphanage staff were worrying about his chances of survival.  They asked if we would take him instead...

So, Gabriel came to New Day.  You can read about his first day here.

When he was 6 months old, Gabriel had his first ENT surgery.  Not much fun for him, but he healed up well, and was soon smiling his new smile at every opportunity.

Today, Gabriel is a delightful, active toddler.  He recently learnt to walk, and there's no stopping him now.  He is currently in the hospital recovering from his second ENT operation (ouch, poor little guy).

When he gets out of the hospital he will be going to live with a local foster family, and we know that they will love and enjoy him just as we have. 

We are so blessed to have had this year with Gabriel.  We look forward to watching him grow and develop.

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