Monday, September 16, 2013

Gabriel's First Day

We met Gabriel at his orphanage the day after he was admitted into their care... at only two days old. A week later he arrived into our care so that we could help him grow big and strong and loved in preparation for his ENT surgeries.

And so Gabriel arrived late Friday afternoon, September 6th. He was as bundled up as any 12-day old baby would be.

We usually give a child a bath as soon as they arrive, but Gabriel made it clear that he wanted dinner first. His nanny, one of our night-shift nannies who was assigned one-on-one to him, was happy to oblige and Gabriel perked up considerably after his bottle. 

Then it was time for his bath. The little guy wasn't too thrilled about his first-bath-ever. We made it fast and tried to brighten things up with a few rubber duckies. 

Clean and dry and warm in his new outfit, Gabriel was comfortable and happy and extremely adorable. 

His nanny bundled him up in a soft new blanket...

...and he was rejoiced and cooed over, just like any new baby boy should be!

Welcome to your new home, Gabriel. We know that you're going to really love it here...

...especially when you get a bit bigger and don't require so much sleep! 'Till then, precious baby, sleep soundly. You're safe here.

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