Thursday, September 4, 2014

NDSouth: Young Love

Ada is sometimes known for being a 'little mama' in the downstairs apartment. Having been here at New Day South for almost two years, she's well acquainted with the rules and is therefore more than willing to help make sure everyone else is too!

Recently, however, she's taken a warming to someone new during preschool. Any guesses as to who?

If you guessed Hayden, then you'd be right!

Ada's been sitting beside Hayden during preschool for a while now, but last week she began taking a particular interest of his in class activities, so much so, that her seat kept mysteriously inching closer and closer to his.

 At first, Hayden didn't really notice her chair slowly making its way closer to his, but don't worry, this wasn't to last for long. Ada was pretty determined to get Hayden to notice her advances.

Of course, like many 4 year old boys, Hayden simply wanted to play with his cars without interruption. Yet eventually, Ada convinced him to oblige her for a photo. Aren't they cute?


The next day, Ada's chair began to scoot closer to his again. Hayden wasn't quite so sure what he thought of Ada moving closer to him for the second day in a row...

 ...but by the time class ended, we think it's safe to say that Hayden was warming up to it. Could this be a sign of young love?

We aren't completely sure, but we do know that both Hayden and Ada are precious children with a joy that's contagious. Ada has been matched with a family. Hayden, however, is still waiting for his.

Hayden has really blossomed since coming to New Day South, and while he has more progress to make, we can only imagine all the ways he could continue to do so with the love of a family of his very own.

Better yet, we recently learned that Hayden's file is currently on an agency's waiting child list. He's been waiting for 4 years for a family of his own, and while we love having Hayden here, we long for the day when we get to see that wait come to an end.

Could you be that family for Hayden?

For more information on this precious little boy, email New Day South's Director at

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