Sunday, June 22, 2014

NDNorth: A Little Tour

Hello! How have you been? We've been extremely busy up here in Inner Mongolia. Our nanny project is a lot of work, but such a joy to watch unfold, especially when we see the transformations that have already happened in the lives of our babies. (Read Luke's transformation here, and Kristiana's here). But maybe you're curious about what the nanny project looks like behind the babies. 

Let's go on a little tour.

Our room isn't very big, but it's big enough for Philip to practice his walking and exploration skills! Against one of the walls (above) we have a sofa for the nannies to sit on while they cuddle the babies, and to nap on when they're working the night shift. 

Below you'll see one of our other walls! Our toy shelf is bright and cheery and so is the stander, that Kristiana uses every day. The stander isn't always in our room, because other children need it for therapy too, but we're thankful that she has the chance to strengthen her legs every day with her nanny. 

Don't you love the bright mats on the floor? 

This floor toy was actually donated months ago by the Rohrer's fellowship, but we saved it for this day! Hannah and Timothy are getting lots of strength and playing-practice. 

You can see the cribs in the background of this picture. And in the foreground? Philip and Luke play ball! Wait until you hear this story...

What do you think? A pleasant place, isn't it? We're so grateful to the orphanage for helping us set this room up to give the children a place where they can feel safe and free to explore, learn and grow. 

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  1. What a difference rooms like this make on the development of the children. It makes me sad when I hear stories or see it in my own child where she wasn't given the ability to explore and strengthen her muscles.