Sunday, June 15, 2014

NDNorth: Kristiana's beginning transformation...

She's only been in our project for a little less than two weeks, but already we've witnessed bits and pieces of the slow transformation that is going on in her heart.

When Kristiana first joined our room, she was closed off and scared. She spent too much time in her positioning chair, and too little time hearing about how special she was.

We visited the orphanage just a few days after her initial move. The nannies were doing a great job with her, aiding her little heart in its second big transition, and helping her feel safe. 

Kristiana is learning how to explore new things...

She's learning that she has a voice and can be silly and spunky and get a reaction!

She's learning that she's beautiful...

...and that she's loved.

And Kristiana is learning that she has people there for her... She doesn't just have her amazing nannies, but she has us, and you. She has Victoria who crocheted a soft blanket... she has Valerie who bought a beautiful dress... she has Kristi who sent pretty hair clips. 

Her tender heart is still broken in many ways, but we're beginning to see a bit of the beautiful transformation that is going on. Thanks for being a part of Kristiana's precoius life. 

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