Saturday, June 21, 2014

NDSouth: Oh Happy Day!

Sadie has been with us for over a year. When she came to us she was timid, shy, and very anxious. 

Since that day in April 2013 when she first arrived, Sadie has come a long way. She has had surgery, learned to walk, talk, and is now coming to preschool!

Sadie can also be a bit dramatic at times. Then again, aren't most two year old little girls? She likes to put on the charm and it doesn't take much for her to get us smiling with her hilarious personality and silly antics.

She is sweet, sassy, and everything in between. Everything that makes Sadie special and unique. 

And what is the latest exciting news in Sadie's life which has her flashing that gorgeous smile of hers today?

Sadie has been matched with a forever family of her very own! A family who will love her, cherish her, and giver her the love and stability she needs. A family who will make her an orphan no longer.

We can't wait until your special day, Sadie girl. It's almost your turn!


  1. Yeah for Sadie! Who wouldn't want this gorgeous little girl!????

  2. She is coming to Toronto Canada...cannot wait to meet her