Sunday, June 1, 2014

NDNorth: Luke's Transformation

When Luke first returned to the orphanage after his orthopedic surgery with another organization, he was quiet, sad and sick. He was one of the top children on our list to add into the Nanny Project room as soon as we opened, because we could just see that there was more in there. As we chatted with the orphanage directors at one of our first meetings about the project we discussed the different children we could add into the project. One of the vice directors spoke up and said, "Please help Luke. Some of the other children we know that we can raise well, but when I was interacting with Luke the other day I could tell that it would take more than we can provide to help him thrive. He's older, he doesn't have as much time left to catch up emotionally."

 He doesn't have as much time...

And so on Monday, right before nap-time, the children were brought into their new room for the first time.

The week before Wendy and Ellie had assessed our four children. One of the skills that Luke could not have checked off of his assessment chart was "laugh out loud." Well, it took a few hours, but on Monday, Luke went from "Sometimes... Maybe" to "Mastered."

And that was just day one! We cannot wait to see what's next for this handsome little guy...

Maybe his first word? Putting weight on his legs? Sitting alone? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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