Friday, June 20, 2014

A Very Special Gift

Back in April, we posted about Talley Vs. Esther, appealing for the donation of another 'Baha' amplification device.  Our need has been met in a beautiful way, and we are honored to be able to share this story.

Here is the text from an email we recently received -

"This picture of sweet Talley makes me smile through my tears because I know Zeke Guo Biao is looking down from heaven and smiling too!  Nothing would make him happier than to see a China baby wear his hearing aid and to know the brand new world of sound is opening up for her like it did for him!

For 14 years, every sound Zeke heard was muffled, like he was listening from under water. He was ridiculed for his misshapen ears and lack of hearing. But in this young man, LOVE reigned and won!  Instead of becoming bitter, Zeke looked for the good in everyone and asked the orphanage director, every day, if a family had been found for him. Through a series of miracles, we were able to adopt Zeke just days before his aging out 14th birthday. We will never forget the huge smile on Zeke’s face as the audiologist turned his hearing aide on, or the light in Zeke’s eyes as we walked out of the hospital that day and heard the birds singing for the first time!  

Even thought Zeke’s earthly life ended only 19 months after coming home, the gifts he gave go on and on. Zeke’s favorite prayer was “Thank you, thank you. Thank you God. Thank you SO MUCH."
Esther was recently adopted, so our need for a second Baha became less urgent.  However, when Talley tried out Zeke's Baha, it became clear that it was a better device, providing more amplification of specific sounds.  We will most probably have another child with need of a Baha, so it's great to have a spare one ready for them.

While we are on the subject of adoption, Talley not only has a new Baha but also a new name...and a forever family!  We just found out that sweet Talia, as she is now called, has been matched with a family.  We don't know how long she'll have to wait before the paperwork is done and the adoption completed, but it's such a blessing that while she waits she'll be hearing more clearly.

A huge THANK YOU to Zeke's family, for your love and generosity in the midst of grief. 


  1. Such a touching story. Tally has a family Wahoo!!!!.... How is Esther doing, would love to hear. Miss her precious face. Hard when they leave after praying so hard to not hear anything?

  2. You can read more of Zeke's story at We're so happy that Talley has a family....and seeing her with the BAHA has been very healing for us <3, Zeke's Mom