Thursday, June 19, 2014

NDSouth: Chris the Explorer

Chris has been with us almost a year and a half, arriving at New Day South when he was just one month old. He has come a long way from that teeny, tiny baby he was when he first came. He is quite the adventurous, brave little boy. Chris loves to check everything out, as long as his nannies are nearby!

Chris especially loves to climb over things. Especially when it is something soft, like the couch cushion.

"I'm off on an adventure!"

Chris is also pulling himself up and walking along furniture. We know that he will be walking in no time.

He is such a good brother to all his foster brothers and sisters. We are so proud of you, Chris, and know that you will excel in all that you set your mind to! Chris recently has moved into our toddler apartment. He is still adjusting to his new surroundings but is loving being with the "big kids."

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