Saturday, April 5, 2014

NDSouth: As It Should Be

21 months. That is how long Fisher has been with us here at New Day South. When he first arrived in July 2012, he was weak and very sick. We knew that in order for this little boy to survive, he needed his surgery right away. On July 10, 2012, he had his much needed surgery. 

Over the months, we watched Fisher go from a sick and sad little boy, to a healthy and happy little boy. With each passing day, his smile would come out more and more. 

We marveled with him when he took his first steps.

And we laughed with him when his sense of humor and goofy personality shone through.

We have watched him make friends and learn to love.

He makes us laugh often with his silliness and sense of humor.

And now the time has come for Fisher to leave us and start a new chapter in his life. The chapter starring him with his forever family.

We are going to miss him but couldn't be happier. It is as it should be. He has been waiting a long time for a family and his special day is almost here.

We love and will miss you, Fisher!

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