Friday, April 4, 2014

A Tale of Tenderness

Once upon a time there was a happy little baby named Gabriel. He had a loving big sister named Melinda whose favorite thing in the whole world was to take care of babies. Gabriel was in an especially happy mood, and so when Melinda offered to cuddle him for a few minutes he readily agreed. 

He got a little nervous when his nanny stopped supporting him, but Melinda was confident... and very proud.

He relaxed pretty quickly - it's not hard to get a smile from Gabriel! Even after his painful ENT surgery, Gabriel figured out quickly how to flash his grin.

"You doin' okay, little one?"

"How about a kiss?"

Suddenly - oh no! - Gabriel started coughing. 

Thankfully Mother Melinda knew just what to do... and she proceeded to perform a few sound pats on Gabriel's stomach. 

Then - uh oh! - Gabriel sneezed. It got a little messy, and Melinda quickly adjusted his bib.

Gabriel didn't really like getting his bib readjusted, and so he fussed. Melinda knew just what to do and started to bounce him like she had seen her mamas do. 

We didn't let her hold him in this position for more than a few seconds... her arms aren't quite that strong. Soon he was back in her lap and she was back kissing and pinching his cheeks. 

No matter what happens... whether you're coughing or crying or just being cute, Melinda will look after you, sweet Gabriel. 

The End

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