Monday, April 14, 2014

Advocacy: Sylvia is Waiting

Sylvia was born December 22, 2006 and abandoned the same day at the local train station. She was taken to the orphanage when her parents couldn't be found and diagnosed with a heart defect and neurological defects. She has already had surgery. Sylvia loves to play games with friends, she follows directions and is able to sort objects by color and size. Her fine motor skills seem to be developed well, and although she is delayed Sylvia can communicate with others, she just speaks slowly. Sylvia is able to walk, run, and climb up and down stairs. Sylvia is a friendly little girl and soaks up encouragement. She loves to be praised! Sylvia lived at New Day Foster Home from August 17, 2013 until January 16, 2013. She is now back at her orphanage, waiting for her family to find her. 

Isn't she lovely?

Since Sylvia returned to her orphanage, she has regressed a bit, but not significantly (she made lots of progress while in our Forever Home Group Home at New Day). 

A little glimpse into Sylvia's initiative and personality... after she used the bathroom, Gan Lu (our photographer/graphic artist who visited Sylvia's orphanage) asked her if she had flushed the toilet, and Sylvia replied, "no!" and ran back and started cleaning the bathroom with brushes and cloths... a little confused. She went above and beyond, eager to please.

Sylvia LOVES going to class at the orphanage (she's in one of their wonderful special ed classrooms). One the second day of Gan Lu's visit the teacher was in a meeting and Sylvia was in tears because she wanted her "teacher pick me up!" She is happy, friendly, and kind. 

Sylvia is a beautiful little girl who needs a daddy and mommy to love her as their own. She has lived before with multiple children, both older and younger, and did well. While Sylvia has delays and their are unknowns about her... we know that her greatest "special need" is her need for a family.

Could you be Sylvia's family? Or maybe you know someone...? Her file is currently on the shared list, and you can get more information about how to find her by e-mailing

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