Saturday, April 12, 2014

NDSouth: Home Sweet Home

On March 13th, 7 month old, Anna, arrived in our care. She was admitted directly into the hospital where she had heart surgery just a few weeks later. After four weeks in the hospital, we are happy to announce that Anna arrived home at New Day South a few days ago.

We think she adjusting quite nicely to her new home. Anna loves to be held and rocked. She is learning what love is and she realizes that she really likes it!

Our children have the best facial expressions and Anna's don't disappoint!

She is a beautiful little girl with a life full of hope and joy. 

We are so happy you are here with us, Anna. We know you will grow and thrive, learn to love and be loved.

And we will rejoice with you when the day arrives for you to leave with a family of your very own. Until that time, we are happy you are home.

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  1. She is precious...Can you (or anyone) explain why these babies don't get to their forever homes, faster? It seems as if SN babies don't ever come home before age 1. Thanks!