Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Learning to sign with Lilian

As we've mentioned before, Esther is New Day's current star signer! A few months ago we introduced signing to all the foster home staff and children, and its going really well. Lilian sends out new signs each month and we all try to practice them and use them with the children. Its amazing how quickly all the children have picked up on signing, and its really helping their language development and communication.

Esther is rather a pro at signing. She attends speech therapy each day with Lilian and they find inventive ways to learn different things and practice new skills.

Once of the new signs recently has been 'water' and so this has given many opportunities for fun! How about learning the signs for 'boat' at the same time and then playing with boats on the water? Sounds like fun to Esther! Lilian made some lovely little boats using origami and then Esther practised blowing them across the water and signing too.

Lilian has such a great relationship with all the kids and really manages to make sessions fun and very educational at the same time. Esther now signs a lot throughout the day, and will happily teach others the signs too! 

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny


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  4. Dear. New day. I love Esther! I don't know if you know updates on her? I love that princess! Her face is like an angels! If you know can you please tell me? Great Job on giving these kids nurture they need! God bless and have an amazing day! ♡♥♡♥