Sunday, March 23, 2014

NDNorth: English Corner

Our most useful skill up here isn't our special education, therapy or medical expertise. It isn't our colorful donations, useful assessments or big white noses. It becomes quickly apparent to any pale-faced, big-nosed foreigner who moves to China that their most powerful skill is their language.

Everybody wants to learn English, and English is one thing that we are pretty good at.

In the orphanage environment, our therapy, special-ed and assessment skills come in pretty handy, but there's still something grand about the English language. Greg Olsen has led a few English classes, and even a three-day camp during the summer for the older children. During the Chinese New Year Holiday we decided to host a day of fun and learning at the orphanage. The Samuels and Olsen families represented and on a chilly Wednesday the children were eager and the staff was excited.

The students are ready to learn!

Ben and his English corner students

Hannah chats with some girls

"What is your favorite color?"

"Go fish"

Natalie and some of the girls in her English corner

Many of these older orphans have technically "aged out" of the adoption program, or have living relatives who are unable to care for them. The orphanage does a wonderful job providing education and daily care for these children and teens, and we were delighted to partner with them!

Coming next: Magic and Knitting 

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