Sunday, March 23, 2014

Advocacy: Debbie

Do you remember when a little girl named Debbie lived in our "Forever Home?" The Forever Home was set up to care for some older girls, but when most of the girls were recalled to their orphanages, we faded the program out. Debbie was one of those girls

Debbie is five and a half years old right now and is said by her orphanage to have "multiple brain calcifications." Her file is currently on the shared list which says that she has "retarded development mentally and physically." Debbie is delayed, but she is potty trained, can speak albeit not very well, she moves pretty quickly and is sensitive when other children move faster than her. Debbie needs a bit of help dressing herself and is good friends with Bobo

Debbie is a beautiful little girl who, if she does not get adopted by a family who has chosen to love and treasure her forever, will spend the rest of her life in an orphanage.

We cannot let that happen.

Debbie's special needs and delays can easily scare a set of potential parents. We understand... you want to bring home someone whom you know will grow up to be successful, independent and normal. But why? What use is success, independence and normalcy in the big scheme of things? In the scheme of a little girl's life?

Think about it. Don't act hastily, just think about it. Stare at Debbie's pictures letting her hopeful, happy eyes sink into your soul, and think about it.

Watch the video below... the video of a little girl who isn't defined by expectations or limitations.

  in this video Debbie introduces herself, "I am Yanshu... five years old... I like to color"

Debbie is already defying expectations. One of her teachers told Gan Lu that Debbie walked slowly. Well... maybe sometimes, but that's definitely not her limit! And just listen to this girl's giggle...

When Gan Lu met Debbie she asked her, "Do you want a mama and a baba?" Watch for Debbie's response... it will break your heart.

For more information about how you can bring Debbie home, contact

You can view more pictures, stories and videos here:

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