Saturday, March 22, 2014

NDSouth: Happy Birthday Kate!

Friday was a very exciting day in the foster home for a very special almost 2 year old. It was Kate's birthday party! She has been excited all month about her upcoming birthday. In preschool when asked whose birthday is this month, she points to herself and says, "Kate's birthday!"

What do you think, is she excited for her party? She picked our her party dress all on her own. 

We thought the shoes completed her party outfit perfectly. You are one beautiful 2 year old, Kate.

Anticipating the birthday cake and song. "Happy Birthday to you!"

"Is this for me?" - Kate

It sure is, sweet girl. Make a wish!

Now this is a girl who sure loves her cake. Can you blame her?

Even though Kate's birthday isn't until Sunday, she didn't mind celebrating a few days early. This birthday is even more special because it will be Kate's last birthday without her forever family. We know her 3rd birthday will be even more wonderful and we couldn't be more excited for her.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kate! We are so thankful for you and the joy, laughter, and love  you bring to New Day South.


  1. So glad she has a family waiting. If she didn't I would have to scoop her up! She reminds me so much of my 8 yr old. Always planning and imagining!