Saturday, February 15, 2014

NDSouth: Changes for Leila

We have a new resident in our toddler apartment. Can you tell who it is hiding behind the table?

It is sweet Leila alright. Leila has had a few big changes recently. She started attending preschool class the beginning of January and about a week later, moved down to the big kids apartment. She is still adjusting to her new home but we think she rather likes it.

Leila knows what she wants and would like it done promptly.She is indeed a girl with opinions.

"The service is lacking around here!" she seems to say. "I don't get waited on like I did in the baby apartment."

Oh Leila you have so much to learn.

Welcome to your new home, sweet girl. We know it's just a temporary one until you join your very own forever family and home.

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