Sunday, February 16, 2014

NDNorth: A Belated Christmas!

Two generous sponsors donated some money for us to buy Christmas presents for the little ones at one of the orphanages we work with. We were thrilled with the possibilities and immediately made a list of what we wanted to buy.

On the top of our list was a play kitchen and costumes for the children. We have just started assessing their social and emotional development, and "Playing Pretend" is sorely lacking.

To that we added some books, baby dolls, clothes, baby walkers and push-toys!

It was a few weeks after Christmas when the toys and things finally arrived, but the children didn't mind. We started out opening up all of the boxes and putting things together. A few of the children slipped out of preschool to help us, until their teacher came and found them.

Next step was passing out the goodies to the babies in the infant room.

Chen is in the chewing stage of pre-reading
Bin has just learned how to walk, but he thought pushing something was even more fun!
Zan checks out a soft book
Chao and Qing model their new outfits
Gao thinks that it's neat that he and Qing match!
 Next, we took the kitchen, costumes and baby dolls to the older kids.

 It didn't take long until there were a lot of cute animals running around feeding babies.

We're so thankful to the generous sponsors who made this possible.

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