Friday, February 14, 2014

When Edward met Edward

When I came to volunteer at New Day for a year I had no idea about the things I would be able to do or get involved in. I am an Occupational Therapist from England, and after visiting several years ago for a short student trip one summer I was determined to return- it took me four years to come back, but finally I made it!

Towards the end of last year Zoey, the physical therapist, and I went on a trip to several orphanages to give therapy training and support the staff. Whilst we were at the second orphanage little Xia Tian arrived, just 10 days old. He had been left at the gate to the orphanage the previous evening and so over the next few days we were able to meet, feed and love him as he cried for his mother and adjusted to life as an orphan.

Xia Tian clearly needed surgery soon and the orphanage directors had already been in contact with New Day to see if they could help; I was so happy to hear a bed was available! After arriving at New Day he was admitted straight to hospital and so it was several weeks of not so patiently waiting until I was next able to hold him!

A tradition at New Day is that new children are named by volunteers or visitors. Soon after the baby boy arrived my boyfriend (now fiancée!) called Edward was due to visit and so Karen suggested that baby Xia Tian should also be named Edward! We got engaged at New Day but have spent the majority of the past year apart. It was a very special moment when Edward met Edward at New Day; what a privilege to have a child named after him.

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This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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