Friday, August 23, 2013

Isaac's New Girl

Alea's departure has left quite a hole in the foster home, but none of the holes are quite so big as the one that she left in Isaac's heart. They arrived around the same time and both fought for their lives around the same time. Eventually, when they had gained strength, they were roommates and best buddies. Now Alea has left to join her forever family and Isaac is left waiting for his to come and get him without his girl. 

The other day when Hudson's foster mama brought him in to preschool she brought her granddaughter along with her. Hudson loves his little "foster sister" and they get along great. 

While Hudson was in preschool, Isaac got the chance to mean little Yiyi. was love at first sight.

We promise that we had nothing to do with this! It was the nannies! 

There's not much that you can do when a boy's in love, is there?

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