Monday, August 12, 2013

Speaking of Miracles...

In February, 2012, a sick little girl arrived at New Day. 

In June, 2013, she received the miracle of a liver transplant.

Six months after her arrival at NDFH, her life had taken a crazy-wonderful turn for the best. She was a different child. 

Alea's life was saved, and watching her blossom changed our lives. 

In early 2013 she learned how to walk and somehow tripled in spunkiness. Since then the non-blurry pictures of her decreased drastically in volume. 

Today, this morning, Alea met her adoptive family. 

The fact that this little orphan girl is alive is amazing and almost beyond-belief.

...and now she's not an orphan anymore. We're going to miss you around here, Alea, but we are SO happy for the life that is in store for you. 

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