Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Beauty Queen

Carpenter He was repainting part of the playroom last week. After cleaning his brushes, he came back into the playroom to say goodbye to the children. When he saw Rachel's beautiful face, he had an idea. Gently, with his wet paintbrush (wet with water, of course!) he painted make-up on Rachel.

He didn't want to make Rachel anxious with the paintbrush, but she didn't want him to stop! Tipping her little chin up and pursing her lips, she asked for more.

He gave her some painted eyebrows...

...which she accepted with much grace.

The paint under her eyes tickled a little bit!

After Carpenter He finished, Rachel felt as beautiful as could be! She couldn't wipe the smile of of her face.

Of course, Rachel needs no make-up, real or pretend, to make her look pretty. But it's always fun to play, isn't it!?


  1. She is a beautiful little girl!

  2. Oh the joy that radiates from her sweet smile!

    One of the things that is endearing about New Day is that even the drivers, gardeners, and carpenters love the children. Thanks for capturing such a precious moment!