Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Carpenter He" Can Fix It!

Mr. He (pronounced "Huh") is the carpenter for the Foster Home and his handyman skills are put to great use in building and maintaining our foster home facility.  The foster home children think he's great and a funny incident last week reminded us of how highly they think of him.

It was about time for Jabin to go in for his second lens replacement surgery. He and his "guardians" (Grace L and Brian) were standing in front of the elevator, ready to go up to the surgery floor. They watched the elevator lights blink on and off as the elevator went up and down. But the doors never opened. For some reason, the elevator never seemed to come to their floor, and everyone gathered at the elevator began to wonder if the elevator was broken. 

Suddenly, Jabin spoke up: "It's broken. We need Carpenter He.  He can fix it!"

--posted by Brian


  1. Oh I LOVE this! YAY Carpenter He! What a blessing you are!

    (why am I singing the 'Bob the Builder' theme song? Can he fix it? Yes HE (Carpenter He) CAN!!!!!)

  2. LOL Laine! ;) ~ This prompted me to break out in the ♫♪♫ Bob the Builder... ♫♪♫ jingle, too! CUTE story!! I like the way kids think! :)