Friday, March 22, 2013

Eliana's Elephant

When Eliana opened her package last week, she was thrilled by the contents.
"My elephant!" she cried, scooping the big-eyed stuffed animal into a bear hug. 


Eliana is adorable. She is social and encouraging. This morning she was encouraging Andrew as he tried to juggle some nuts. "Gege zhen bang!" she cheered. Big brother, great job! She is also great at loving on her friends, "Baobei" she called Noah. Little baby. Eliana is always the first person to welcome visitors. "Ni hao, wo ai ni!" she'll say to them. Hello, I love you! 

Prancing and dancing, our little Eliana is a perpetual fountain of joy for all of her teachers and friends. And we are extremely excited to announce that she has been matched with a family. There is a family working hard to bring Eliana home right now - isn't that wonderful?


  1. On my they are such great pictures of her! What a special little girl!!!

  2. Joyous news indeed! Eliana's picture has finally been taken off of our refrigerator (our "pray for a family list") and lovingly placed into a leather bound journal (our "praises for families found journal")! We're so happy that this sweetie has a family moving mountains to get to her!