Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Special Miracle

It seems like just yesterday we were giving Lydia CPR, administering oxygen and hoping that she would make it till we could get her into the hospital. She was almost recovered from her anal atresia surgeries; one after another, emergencies and surgeries and miracles threatened to steal her precious life and then found it amazingly restored. This time it seemed like it was her heart that was failing and she was admitted into PICU with pneumonia. That was over a month ago.
Two weeks ago Lydia went in for her heart surgery. The doctors said that she was deteriorating and they needed to leap into the small window of time and operate. The top surgeon was going out of town the next week, but he knew that she couldn't wait and did something unheard of. Lydia's heart surgery was done on a Saturday.

And now, today, our little miracle is home. She's weak, thinner, but more alert. She's pale, but a lot pinker and not cyanotic (blue) at all.

She's quiet, somber, but still sucks her thumb like it's going to disappear any moment.

Our special little miracle should have died so many times, but she didn't. She survived, she healed, and today she is home


  1. Praise the Lord!! And I love the thumb!

  2. Thank you for the post! I have been wondering so often how she is doing. (praying that no news was good news!)The photos are so SO beautiful and the story to fill in the gaps--wonderful! We are continuing to pray for sweet Lydia! Grow and heal Sweet Pea! (Love the thumb too!)