Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Upstairs Babies

Two bedrooms, one playroom and six adorable little ones make up the foster home's "upstairs."

Ken is the resident crawler who-gets-into-almost-anything. Ken will hopefully have his cleft lip surgery this week, if his lungs can stay clear.

Michael is our miracle boy who is so full of life it's hard to remember when he was fighting for it. His second heart surgery should happen sometime this month, if all goes well.

Lena loves to stare, sing, rock, but not roll. She has a lot of developmental delays because of her unprepared heart defect, but the pieces are finally coming together, she's bigger, her skin is clearing up from a few frustrating rashes that stuck around for too long, and she also will hopefully have heart surgery soon.

Oliver has the winning smile. He's been wearing an arm brace for quite a few weeks, but got to take a little break and was thrilled. This little guy has a lot of therapies and surgeries in his future, but we are seeing small improvements. And with his spunk, we're sure he'll be mobile one day!

Richard may have poor vision, but that doesn't keep him from knowing when he's being loved. He's got a precious giggle and the most open-mouthed smile you've ever seen. Richard gets handsomer each week and he just might be growing into his name.

Kate hasn't ceased to win hearts since she arrived. Something about her serious big eyes... or maybe those little crinkles that appear when she laughs? Kate is also waiting for a heart surgery and if her lungs can stay clear, it should happen soon! In the meantime, she will continue perfecting her crawling-and-getting-into-everything role upstairs.

They've each been through the unimagionable, but today...? As you can see, each one of the six "upstairs babies" has a bright light in their eye and a contagious smile.

Love Grows Here.


  1. My goodness, one miracle after another! Beautiful babies and God has a special plan for each one!

  2. So precious! God bless them and you all!